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The Group has changed many times since 1928 when it was founded. We still continue to keep to our main purpose of attracting young people from Bilsthorpe and surrounding areas to join in the adventure of Scouting.

As you will see from our website, the activities we are doing now in Scouting has changed throughout the years. This has happened to keep our members interested in the activities we are offering and to keep within the modern time, with new technology and interests which members like to do. However the scout group are still providing the activities we are very well known for (camping, survival skills, ect...) and keeping to our scouting values.

1st Bilsthorpe Scout Group offers challenge and adventure to all its members. We believe in helping our young people fulfil their potential by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves. We are working to make Scouting available to all and we are passionate about what we do.

Thank you for visiting at our website; hope you enjoy your look around,

Yours in Scouting 

Graham Baguley (Group Scout Leader)

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