Why Should Your Child Join Bilsthorpe Scout Group

You will make lots of new friends

It doesn't matter what age or what section you are part of, you are sure to make lots of new friends and get along with many fun and happy faces largely from the Bilsthorpe community. Everyone in our group is welcoming and will be sure to make you enjoy your experience in Bilsthorpe Scouts.

You'll earn badges

Part of of becoming a scout includes working hard to earn badges which you will receive a certificate for as well as your badge which you can sew on your shirt. Think badge work is boring? Stop! In the process of earning badges you will be taken on trips and doing lots of fun interactive activities which take place at the hut. Rest assured, you will enjoy earning badges and it will increase your knowledge in a wide range of subjects

You'll go on camps and sleepovers

Every section in the group is guaranteed at lease one camp or sleepover in a year of scouting. The camps and sleepovers include a variety of fun activities mainly situated on site. We do our best to make the camps enjoyable. At the same time your child will receive knowledge in cooking and small household chores.

Find Out More About a Section

Click above to find out more about our youngest section in the group. Beavers is our biggest group and is ran by Graham Baguley. It hosts many fun sleepovers, games and creative activities

Click above to find out more about Cubs. It is our mid section and is host to many fun camps at local sites which provide many fun challenges. It contains badge work but with much fun added to its tasks

The older section, it contains badge work, fun games and lots of laughter. You will meet new friends, go on hikes, and learn lots of new information

We try to get back to you with 1-2 days, If we fail to do this please email us instead.