Whats been happening in the past 85 years

19th July 1928
Scouting was introduced to Bilsthorpe by Rev William Henry Hunt. He founded this group under the name of “1st Bilsthorpe St Margaret’s” . This was linked with the church and meetings were held in the rectory room. After just one year, the group changed its name to the 1st Bilsthorpe & Farnsfield group.

23rd July 1928
The 2nd Bilsthorpe (Colliery) Group was registered by Andrew Hill and he gave his title as Group Scout Master

2nd Bilsthorpe Scout Group closed down after running for four years

27th October 1933
The 3rd Bilsthorpe group was established and they held meetings in the methodist room.

15th December 1933
The 4th Bilsthorpe (St Luke’s Church) is launched in Bilsthorpe.

The 1st Bilsthorpe was still active but seemed to have lost the Farnsfield name in its title, meetings were now held in the church hall on Church Street, and we was registered there on 5th November 1952 with Newark and District.

A new group the 1st Eakring was shortly founded and ran under this name for a number of years then on 5th March 1964, Roy Johnson the Group Scout Master decided to introduce Bilsthorpe in the group’s name and changed to 1st Bilsthorpe & Eakring ( St Margaret’s & St Andrew’s).

This combined group was active for 3 years and ran in the church rectory room when Alan Ashley registered as a Group Scout Leader & set up the present 1st Bilsthorpe Group. The first meeting was held on 1st July 1969 in the present hall. This has had a number of different Leaders and Young people involved ever since.

4th Bilsthorpe Scout Group closes after exactly one year on the 15th December 1934

The 4th Bilsthorpe Scout Group is re-registered

The 4th Bilsthorpe Scout Group closes after one year in operation

3rd Bilsthorpe Scout Group closes down after eighteen years in operation

1st Bilsthorpe Scout Group is still active and meetings are held in the Scout Hut. The Group Scout Leader elected from 2014 is Graham Baguley

Note: All this information has been provided to the group from the Scout Association’s archives department as well as local people’s stories. If you can provide is wih any other information, then please feel free to contact us with more information about Scouting in Bilsthorpe we would be very happy to hear from you.

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